Individuals Counselling

The Human Paradox

Life has a way of, well, happening. The good, the hard, the soul-wrenching, the joyous, the confusing, and everything in between. Philosophers, theologians, and romantics have written about the full spectrum of the human experience over millennia, and yet the individual’s journey can feel, at times, perplexing and lonely. This is the great paradox of being human. Indeed, we share in the collective human condition and, yet, we walk our individual path — a path that is uniquely ours.

Your Unique Life Experience

Your unique life experience starts in the womb and is ever unfolding with each breath, each day, each experience, and each relationship that forms you. As your counsellor, I want to get to know what makes you uniquely you. Part of the counselling journey is allowing another to step into your world with you, walk alongside you, and get curious with you. What makes you think, feel, act, hope, and dream the way you do? Were there moments in your life that nourished you and gave you a sense of love and safety? On the other end of the spectrum, were there moments that jeopardized your sense of self or safety?

Creating a Safe Container

When we start to explore your inner world — whether it be memories from childhood, recent challenging experiences, or prevalent thoughts and feelings — it may feel uncomfortable at times. As your counsellor, it is my job to create a safe container for you. Though our journey and experience are uniquely ours, we humans have the incredible gift of vulnerable connection and empathy. I truly believe that when we are safely held and cared for in our most vulnerable places, we can start to heal our innermost wounds. This is what I endeavour to provide to you, my client: a non-judgemental ear, genuine empathy for your pain, hope for your dreams and aspirations, and safety in our therapeutic relationship.

My Hope for You

In the most challenging of times, it’s easy to lose touch with our sense of self, of safety, of hope. It can be hard to see where we have choice. But what if you could lighten the burden you carry — a little at a time — creating more space in your life for the things that nourish your heart, body, mind, and soul? What if you gained more clarity around the choices you can make to start building a new life experience? When we are safely supported in our dilemmas, we can start to reframe things and our choices — however seemingly ‘small’ at first — start to become clearer. Even if it’s a small act of acceptance or forgiveness, that is a bold step in a new direction.

My hope for you along this therapeutic journey is that you discover what a wonderfully unique person you are; what nourishes your heart, body, mind, and soul; and that the very things that make you human — your sorrows, joys, fears, and triumphs — are the key to your heart, your compassion, and a deeply meaningful life.

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